Files can be supplied to us on various media including; CD, DVD and Hard Disks

or via;

Email -

FTP Transfer - Please call for details if uploading to our FTP Server.




Main programs used at Contour are the following Macintosh design and print applications ( all latest versions );


Adobe Illustrator.................Adobe Indesign

Adobe Photoshop................Adobe Acrobat

Quark XPress


Please call for advice if supplying files created in any other programs.




Supply all FONTS used in your artwork. Alternatively, where possible, outline fonts before saving file.

Supply all graphic files used in artwork ie; TIFF, EPS, JPEG files.

We print in CMYK not RGB. So, for a better idea of how your files will print, convert RGB files to CMYK.

Our printers have very good conversion software when dealing with a great majority of PANTONE colours.

But please be aware some pantone colours cannot be accurately reproduced.

It is important to maintain the quality of graphic files used. So, if COMPRESSION of files ( ie, JPEG or LZW ) is necessary, please use a high quality setting.

Using STUFFIT or ZIP to compress your artwork and all its elements is a very successful way of reducing files sizes prior to sending.

When setting up your artwork you should work in the correct PROPORTION to the final required size.

You can work at any SCALE ie, 100%, 50%, 25% or if necessary 10%. Please indicate the scale of your artwork.

Where possible allow BLEED on your artwork to allow for trimming. To indicate the final trimmed area show the Artboard or use CROP MARKS.




The quality of the final print, obviously, depends on the quality of the images used. When supplying

SCANS / DIGITAL PHOTOS it is important to ensure they are of a reasonable quality to reproduce at the print size required.

The quality of the file is normally judged on the amount in megabytes ( Mb ) from which the image is made.

However, care is required as image files may have undergone some form of interpolation ( ie blown up in size ).

It is also worth bearing in mind that images containing less detailed information can be blown up to a greater extent without any obvious loss of quality.

Thus, there are no hard and fast rules as to exactly what the image size should be, but as a guide;


SMALL size prints ( up to A3 ) require files sizes equating to 50mb per square metre


MEDIUM size prints ( up to 10metre square ) require files sizes equating to 30mb per square metre


LARGE size prints ( above 10metre square ) require files sizes equating to 15mb per square metre




Finally, please supply laser proofs showing FINAL artwork supplied, marked up with any relevant information.